Intermodal Terminal Services

Working collaboratively and cooperatively with our clients and partners through our Intermodal Terminal Services to efficiently and safely load and unload containers and equipment. This also includes the use of hostler services.

Logistics and Management Services

Providing logistic and management services with a proven transportation network including inbound and outbound transportation management, fleet management, inventory control, supply and demand planning as well as management of logistics service providers.

Rail Yard Terminal Services

MacCosham Inc. is experienced in the checking and management of a variety of yard configurations to help ensure operations move safely and efficiently. MacCosham Inc. has been providing Rail Terminal Services for over 50 years and is experienced in the management of a variety of yard configurations.

Container, Chassis & Tire Maintenance and Repair

MacCosham operates several Container and Chassis repair depots associated to Rail Yard Terminal services, to conveniently maintain and repair equipment and tires to continue to run safely and optimally. A full range of mechanical, welding, and associated repair services are offered.

Outside Damage
Inside Damage

MacCosham is Diverse Experienced Safe Caring Flexible

MacCosham and its leadership team are well positioned to expand the scope of our business and our client’s business. Our intention is to aggressively pursue opportunities for growth from three primary sources. With western Canada and Alberta being the current geographic footprint, we feel that we have the bandwidth and strength to integrate the right operations outside of our existing geography.

Lead your organization in the right direction with MacCosham Inc.

Technology and innovations we use to serve our partners:

We are proud to have developed the MacCosham Main App to present challenges in implementing new codes required to support new features our partners request. The App was also developed with a backend management system allowing MacCosham to make changes to work orders, add employees and manage their invoices without continuous needed updates.